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Wheat Grass Powder

  1. Does Wheatgrass have historical references?

    The use of Wheatgrass for its therapeutic value is existent since ancient time. Hindus offer ‘Durva’ (green grass) to the elephant God Ganesh and grow Wheatgrass to worship for nine days during ‘Navratri’ (Laxmi festival) every year.

    Dr. Ann Wigmore has mentioned the Biblical story about Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who spent seven years, insane, living like a wild animal eating the grass of the fields and got cured.

    The common observation that dogs and cats nibble on grass, presumably when ill, strengthens our belief in the healing power of grass.

  2. What is the difference between Wheatgrass, Ordinary grass and Nutritional foods?

    Wheatgrass is grown through a process called sprouting. Sprouts are ‘complete food’ as they contain all the essential dietary nutrients along with the enzymes to help assimilate them.

    Dr. G. H. Earp-Thomas, celebrated American scientist and dietician, isolated over hundred elements from Wheatgrass and reached to the conclusion that Wheatgrass is the best of all grass and that it is a complete food in itself.

    Compared to Wheatgrass, other green-leafy vegetables are less beneficial and palatable in natural form. Wheatgrass Powder is an innocent natural food, which works as a health enhancer due to its highly balanced nutritional value.

    Artificially formulated supplements may contain some nutrients in excess and deficiency of other nutrients (Enzymes and Amino Acids) which act as ‘catalyst’ in their absorption. This may results in wastage of many beneficial nutrients. Wheatgrass is naturally better than synthetic vitamins and supplements.

  3. Does the Wheatgrass Powder contain all the nutrition available in fresh Wheatgrass?

    Consumption of Wheatgrass Powder is more convenient than fresh Wheatgrass juice. Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder is obtained by dehydrating fresh Wheatgrass indoors (without using any mechanism) and then grinded into fine Powder. Utmost care is taken to avoid heating and friction, which may evaporate or reduce the important nutrients. Maximize nutrients including dietary fiber are thus retained in Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder.

  4. Are there any side effects after taking Wheatgrass Powder?

    Consumption of Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder has not shown any side effects, as it is natural, organic and innocent food. Some individuals may have nausea or irregular bowel movements during the first few days of use, which will subside by itself once the body gets accustomed to the Powder.

  5. How much Wheatgrass Powder should be taken daily and for how long?

    Consuming minimum 40 g fresh Wheatgrass daily for at least 0ne month has been recommended by researchers. About 3 g Powder is obtained from 40 g Wheatgrass.

    Consuming minimum 1 to 2 tsp. (One Tsp. = approx 3 g) of Wheatgrass Powder is recommended to achieve satisfactory results. Healthy people can also take one spoon in the morning for a month for rejuvenation. This course should be repeated every six months in order to overcome nutrition deficiencies and help to maintain good health.

    Positive results are experienced within a week of starting the Wheatgrass Powder.

  6. How to benefit more with Wheatgrass Powder?

    Highly rewarding results are observed when Wheatgrass Powder therapy is assisted with proper diet, exercises (yoga, Pranayam etc.) and healthy environment. Naturopathy diet plans for a few prominent health problems such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Obesity, Weight gain, Acidity, Thalassemia, Anemia & Piles are given in the book ‘Wheatgrass – Natures gift to mankind’ available with our product.

  7. Can Wheatgrass Powder be given to children?

    Wheatgrass Powder is absolutely safe and beneficial to children above 2 years age. It should be given in small quantities (1/4 spoon) and slowly increased to 1 spoon daily. A little honey can be added for taste or it can be mixed with their food items but not with milk.

  8. Wheatgrass is available in juice, Powder and tablet form. What is the best?

    Traditionally, Wheatgrass is known to be taken in juice form. In today’s modern life most individuals are lacking time, space, manpower and know-how of growing Wheatgrass. It is difficult to transport fresh Wheatgrass economically everyday to far off places as it has very less shelf life.

    At this junction, making the availability of Wheatgrass in Powder form has proven to be very convenient and effective. It has all the advantages as follows:

    • Powder is easy to transport, convenient to carry and has good shelf life.
    • Powder retains all the important nutrients of fresh Wheatgras
    • Powder has higher quantity of dietary fiber than fresh juice.
    • Fiber is strained out while extracting juice.
    • Powder is more palatable than fresh juice by all age groups
    • Powder equals therapeutic efficacy as fresh Wheatgrass.
    • One Tsp. Powder (approx 3g) equals to 40 g fresh Wheatgrass.
    • One Tsp Powder (3 g) costs less than the cost of 40 g fresh Wheatgrass. .

    Wheatgrass Powder has more advantages than tablet form as follows:

    • Powder is natural whereas tablet manufacturing involves more process.
    • Tablet manufacturing method might involve the use of chemical binders.
    • Using 3 g powder (40 g fresh grass) a day is recommended for good results.
    • One Tsp. Powder = about 3 g = 6 tablets (0.5 g each) at a time. Most people do not take this quantity of tablets and therefore may not experience satisfactory results.
    • When Powder is mixed in a glass of water, the original Chlorophyll available in Wheatgrass is reformed before consumption. It mixes with saliva and is digested better thereby increasing its therapeutic value.
    • Paste of Powder with milk can be applied on skin and its not possible with tablets.
  9. How does Wheatgrass Powder help in weight management?

    Wheatgrass Powder is a natural, safe and extremely potent aid in weight loss. It works by suppressing appetite, stimulating metabolism, circulation and helps loose weight in inches and kgs. Diet has to be reduced to achieve weight loss and it may cause nutrition deficiencies.

    Many people experience fatigue and craving to eat more at this stage. Wheatgrass Powder helps overcome nutrition deficiency and to avoid any side effects. For weight gain, Wheatgrass Powder helps by improving digestion, activating body cells, increasing appetite, improves skin and muscle tone and as an energy booster.

    Incase of weight loss / weight gain, the intake of Wheatgrass Powder is the same but the accompanying diet is different as follows:

    Weight loss- Diet should contain more of vegetables, soups, sprouts, green salads, fruits, juices, dry fruits, etc. Items such as milk, sweets, ghee, butter, rice, non-veg, alcohol, etc, should be avoided.

    Weight gain – Diet should contain more of vegetables, fruits, juices, honey, milk, dry fruits, ghee, porridge, salads, brown rice, soups, Jaggery-sweetened milk at night, etc.,

  10. How does Wheatgrass Powder help combat so many diseases?

    Our body has the inbuilt capacity to heal itself if provided with proper nutrition, exercise & environment. Wheatgrass contains more than 111 beneficial substances in naturally balanced form. Artificially formulated nutrition products may contain some nutrients in excess & some insufficient. Amino acids & Enzymes are required to assimilate the food & help the cells absorb the nutrients. Their deficiency makes the nutrients go waste. Wheatgrass contains 19 of the known Amino acids including 9 EAA (essential amino acids), which our body cannot make from our foods. Proteins are made up of amino acids. The balanced nutrients contained in Wheatgrass thus help combat various health problems by overcoming nutrition deficiencies. In fact, we have observed that when Wheatgrass Powder is taken to help combat a particular health problem, it has helped overcome other co-related problems.


  11. What is the importance of Organic Certification?


    rganic certification by a Govt. recognized authority is an assurance that the essential elements constituting an ‘Organic’ product have been met from the farm to the market.

    The term ‘Organic Food’ means that the food product has been produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides & growth promoters. Such products are devoid of heavy metals, pesticides and preservatives. Scientific studies have revealed that the exposure of heavy metals, pesticides & chemical residues through our food have adverse effect on the immune, respiratory, digestion, nervous & reproductive systems. Organic foods taste better, provide more nutrition, have better keeping quality & are safe from side effects.

  12. Does the taste of Wheatgrass Powder vary over time and what is expiry?

    Wheatgrass Powder is an Organic product obtained from naturally grown Wheatgrass. No artificial flavor, colour or preservative is added. The taste and colour may vary slightly as per season even though the Wheatgrass is grown in polyhouses. Generally, winter batches are sweeter in taste than rainy season batches. The natural growth process cannot be tampered with and this does not affect the quality of the product.

    Fresh batch Wheatgrass Powder is seal packed in food grade plastic bottles and given to distributors. Powder manufacturing is done daily in quantities as per market projections. Over stocking is avoided. The Powder is best before 8 months from date of packaging. We recommend it to be consumed within 6 weeks after the packing seal is removed.

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